My LSM (RMLL) 2013 Talks Videos: Personal data, Newebe, Cozy Cloud (Talk Tips Included)

Here are the videos of three talks I gave to RMLL (the one I mentioned in my previous post):

I hope you will enjoy it. An by the way here are some tips I could give to you by seeing my mistakes:

  1. Configure your screen to have the same output on your laptop and on the projector. Having to turn back to see what is displayed is annoying and not good to keep your audience attention.
  2. Don’t expect to have enough room to move. I read advice telling you to “fill” the stage, but most of the times, the organizers require that you stay at the same place (technical reasons).
  3. Find a way to add more interactions with the audience in the middle of the talk. Two times I refused questions that was asked before the end. I made a bad decision, that could have bring more attention to what I said.
  4. Be aware of what your arms do. I’m not telling you to work hard on your body language, I’m just saying that you should avoid nervous moves like the one I did on The Cozy Cloud presentation (see my right arm!)
  5. Speak loud, it’s easier to modulate your voice ton and make your talk less monotonous. This is a point I really need to work on.
  6. Identify on which part of your talk you hesitate the most and work on them instead of repeating the ones you already say well.
  7. Repeat as much as you can.
  8. Smile 🙂

About what I’m satisified :

  • I can’t explain why but my talk duration is always ok: it always fit with what is required by the organizers. I think it comes from the fact that I divide all my talks in three parts nevertheless I still don’t know why it works well every time.
  • Slide designs are ok: simple, easy to read with good illustration.
  • Talk structure: I think the message is well given. What I do for that:
  1. Problem/context explanation before the main subject description
  2. Simple ideas
  3. I repeat the main points all along the talk.
  4. I avoid some aspects of the subject (you can’t tell everything in a talk).

That’s all for this post. I would be glad to hear your feedback about my talk and ideas about how to improve them. Feel free to comment this post!


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