Node.js talks at LyonJS

Since a few months, I don’t have enough time to  write on this blog. Things are getting serious with Cozy Cloud, so I’m a little busy: we have a new team of developers and they do pretty well. Consequence: I have a lot of code to integrate and some stuff to teach and show. Another Reason is that I do most of my writings on the Cozy Cloud official blog. If you came here for my Node.js articles (these blog analyics say most of the visitors came for that) you could be interested in three of them I wrote on

In addition, if you’re French, I have an annoucement ;). I will give several talks at LyonJS this Tuesday. Here are the subjects:

  • How to develop a REST API with CompoundJS
  • Hosting your own application with Haibu
  • How to build a personal single page-application with Cozy in 10 minutes
  • Work organization: agile development, telework, hipster tools and Node.js

I will share the slides soon on this blog via my Slideshare account! I hope to see you there. All informations are available on the LyonJS website.



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