I had a good time at FOSDEM 2013

Last week-end, I came for the second time to the FOSDEM an event about free and open source softwares. Hundreds of conferences, a lot of interesting people and new technologies to discover are what can define the FOSDEM. The most interesting conference I saw was about Heat a template engine for OpenStack: describe your cloud in a file and Heat will build it for you !

_MG_9820The Freedom box band had a nice concert with rockstars: buddycloud, jitsi, etc… XMPP tools seem to be well considered. Maybe I should switch Newebe protocol to XMPP to make it accepted in their project ;).

_MG_9805There were cute computers: children are welcome!

_MG_9811This the nice place where I slept. I traveled to Brussel with Florent Gallaire, a French advocate specialized in software intellectual property. He is also a txt2tag contributor. He introduced me to his friends who hosted me for one night. I had a pleasant time in this typical belgian house, thank you guys !