Newebe Hackaton @ PyConFR 2012

Two weeks ago, PyCon France 2012 organized a big hackaton where everyone could work on any python project he wants (there were almost 50 of us). Of course I was there to improve Newebe. This was my first hackaton and I’m glad to have done this, it was a great experience, I met a lot of nice people with advanced technical skill level and  I learnt a lot of new stuff about Git and Python. The most interesting part was that I was not alone for this first Newebe hackaton. Two hackers from the Majerti company helped me improved the software. They worked mostly on the packaging. This made Newebe easier to install and now source code looks more like a serious Python project.

I’m really happy with the new improvements of newebe. This is the first time that someone else made a significant contribution on the code. So thank you Julien and Gaston for this contributions! For my part I added content indexation and file sharing feature to Newebe. With that, the 0.6.0 release should come very soon.


PyCon Fr 2012 hackaton photo

Picture from Human Coders


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