Book review : Technical Blogging, Turn Your Expertise into a Remarkable Online Presence

It has been a long time since I wrote anything about books I read. To break this, I will talk about Techncal Blogging by , a book that explains how to manage your blog efficiently and how to market it.

At the beginning I thought it was a book suited for blogs like mine but in fact not. It’s clearly a  recipe book for people who wants to invest a lot of time in their blog. It encourages you to publish often and regularly and aims to bring your blog to a sustainable source of revenue. Whatever there are still some good remarks that can help you even if your blog is a small one.

What I really liked with that book is that it really explains what technical peolpe are not good at: marketing. It proposes tons of tips for that like improving your blog titles, take advantage of communities (reddit, hacker news), exchange posts with other blogs… Another good thing is that it shows how to deal with post comments (how to react in fact). None of these tricks looks abusive, so I think they could be used safely. Finally it just pushes you to make something natural: interact with other people from your field.

Of course there a lot more in this 250 pages book (how to configure your blog, how to make your blogging experience less time consuming….). Moreover,  the author shares a lot of good links. As you guess I liked it and I recommend it to anyone who desires to blog intensively. Even non technical bloggers could be interested.


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