Newebe version 0.5.0 released

Newebe finally reached the version 0.5.0! This one is a little bit special because now Newebe has the main features of the distrbuted social network I described two years ago. As you understand, this is a great satisfaction for all of people which helped to build Newebe! Sharing stuff without worrying about privacy issues is a real pleasure and we are glad to have made it possible.
But this should not be limited to a small bunch of users. So for the next release, we will focus more on adoption by improving installation process and adding popular features like file sharing or integration with other social networks. If you have any suggestions/requests feel free to write it in the comments of this post.

Now let’s speak about the new features! Here is the list of what comes with this release:

  • All connections (with browsers and between contacts) are based on HTTPS.
  • Notes and pictures can be attached to microposts.
  • Data from posted microposts can be saved in your Newebe notes.
  • Theming: you can put your own CSS and change the way your Newebe looks like.
  • Easy installation script for Debian-like distributions.

NB: For newcomers, if you want to see Newebe in action you can try our demo (password: newebe) or install it in a way we recommend. If you need any help, refer to the installation guide or ask for assistance on our mailing-list.

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