4 ways to host your own Newebe

The blocking point to start using Newebe, the real distrbuted social network, is the fact that you need to host your instance on a server. To be honest, actually I haven’t found an easy way to deal with that, but I propose here the most straightforward solutions to that problem.

1. Host it on an online box

Rent an online box from a provider like Online.net, OVH, Rackspace… After you did that you will have your own dedicated server available from every where. For this server, chose an Ubuntu or Debian distribution and run the newebe installation script. Good news, you’re done ! Connect to your Newebe through your browser to : http://ipadressofyourbox:newebeport/

2. Host it on a plug computer at home

Most recommended choice but hardest to set up: buy a plug computer (like a Sheeva plug or a Dream plug) with a Debian or Ubuntu distribution and plug it to your local  network (use an ethernet wire to connect your plug to your provider box). Then connect to it through ssh. Run newebe installation script. Finally, routes the port you chosed for your newebe to a port of your box that you will make available everywhere. Done !

3. Host it on your local machine and make it available through pagekite

What is pagekite ? Pagekite is a simple solution that allows people to give access to a local server from everywhere just by running a pagekite software. So you don’t need specific hardware. If your OS is Ubuntu, simply run the Newebe installation script on your main computer. Choose default port for newebe (8000) then read Pagekite howto . When pagekite installation is complete your newebe will be accessible from a url like this one http://newebe.gelnior.pagekite.me/ .

4. Host it on your friend box

If all of that sounds too technical, simply ask to one of your friend to host your newebe. So you will try it. Once you will love it, the effort needed  to set up your own server will be worth the deal!

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