PrivacyCamp @ La Cantine

Last friday La Cantine and La CNIL organized a Privacy Camp @ La Cantine. It was my first one and I was glad to discover it. The principle is simple : peoples propose 1 hour workshops for each available rooms and other participates to it. That led us to an afternoon of 12 workshops about online identity, anonymity, smartphone data and of course distributed social networks.  Some privacy celebrities were there such as Jean Marc Manach, Trisan Nitot or Henry Story.

I am not sure that there was a lot of new things that came out from this kind of discutions but it helps people interested in the problem to connect each other, make their ideas clearer and validating that they share the same point of view. That’s why I decided to animate the distributed social network workshop. So I could share a lot of thoughts. Unfortunately, others are still sceptic about self hosting. Whatever, to promote Newebe it was definetely a great thing : a lot of people there didn’t know what I do and are now quite interested in it. By this way, I met Henry Story who has a solution about distributed identity, called WebID. That could fit well with Newebe : you take advantage of your own server and of common contacts to ensure trustability.

Finally I was a litte bit disapointed by the workshop hosted by la CNIL. They did not want to promote solutions to privacy problems like free softwares, privacy optimized Firefox, DSN… They prefer finding better ways to warn people about what happens when they suscribe to a website like Google or Facebook. That made me sad. Whatever this barcamp was great, thanks to them and I hope there will be another one soon !

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