Newebe 0.4.0 and picture sharing

Newebe 0.4.0 is out. Here is the changelog.

User features

  • Send pictures to your contacts
  • Synchronize with your contacts to get all their pictures since last month.
  • Time zones are now handled properly, you can interact with people from all over the world without time problem.
  • Better rendering for code snippet in micropost application.
  • Display embedded youtube video in the preview column when post contains youtube links.
  • Display a clear message when profile URL is not set correctly.
  • Do not allow password shorter than 4 characters.
  • When an object is selected (micropost, picture, activity…) its background changes.

Under the hood

  • Now all backend modules have their BDD specifications.
  • Refactoring : most of the communications with contacts are extracted in a special client, and activities are managed by the base handler.
  • Improved logging.
  • Add utils to manage date, file upload, and to make testing easier.
  • Add pytz to dependecies.

next version

For the next version, I will focus on the installation script. To be able to install Newebe with one command could really make adoption easier. Then I will work a little bit on security and try to allow user to mix pictures, posts and notes. But before that, I’m going to have a break. So don’t be surprised if the repo don’t move for the next weeks.

Picture application screenshot


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