Newebe still goes forward

It has been a while since I have not spoken about Newebe. Since my return of Laos, Newebe got some major improvements. The main one is picture sharing. Yes, now you can share picture (=file) with your Newebe node. This feature is already available in the repository and will of course be integrated in the next version.

Another good improvement is refactoring. I did a lot of “behind the scene” work. Server code is cleaner with better logic separation and has better test coverage. Client side had some improvements such as some minor features and debugs but no deep refactoring and testing.

What is a lot more interesting than features, is that… The community grows ! We have now 10 watchers on Github (champagne!). Robin, a great canadian software engineer, help us by testing and providing  security advice on Newebe. Moreover a small company use it in a private network as a communication tool. Another cool fact : my post about the “first year of free software” had many good feedbacks when I posted it on Linuxfr two months ago.

I expect to make a new version of Newebe for the end of the month. Things go slowly but they go !


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